I’ll be the first to admit that I have an incredible poor memory. My running theory is that my work with Dementia patients had exposed me to a previously unrecognised contagious component that has rendered my short term memory all but useless. The point is, I completely forgot that I had this wordpress blog!

I’m here now though and am glad that I have a platform from which to pimp my book, and just chat in general. Like (assumedly) a lot of you, most of my social life is online these days. Between Uni, and writing, (and steam), it takes a lot to tear me away from my laptop. This is likely going to change though. This year and the beginning of next year are going to be incredibly busy. Not only am I going to be releasing the rest of my first trilogy, I’ll be finishing my Diploma, starting my TAE certificate and starting the next series of books that are kicking around in my head; (HINT: it’s a fantasy series). That’s the other reason for this blog. I’m going to take this show on the road! As much as I love my aged care job, I’ve been doing this for ten years now, and it’s time for a change. My ‘plan’ is to see as much of Australia as I can, moving from short term contract, to short term contract dipping a toe in as many waters as I can both metaphorically and physically.

I’ll be keeping notes here as often as I can, and as often as wi-fi allows, posting videos where I can and photos and anecdotes that I pick up. Hopefully, any nurses reading this can be encouraged to further their education, or push their dreams just that little bit further. Any authors out there can read this and maybe think ‘well if she writes like THAT and can get something published, maybe I can too!’. Or maybe you just wish you had the freedom to travel? feel free to live vicariously through me! Send me suggestions if I’m passing through an area you really want to see, I’ll do my best to do it for you 🙂 Or, If you live in an area that I’m passing through, hit me up! I’d love to catch up for a coffee. For now, my boots are firmly on the ground and my camper van is parked.