I was going to write a rant about how self-directed learning was killing me; how I was missing having the one on one time that in-class learning provided. I got the end and realised almost none of it was actually true.

I am one of those procrastinators that always look for that handy excuse to not do something. Dishes in the sink? I’m not actually finished with this cup of tea. It would be silly to wash before all the dishes made it up there right?

When I am actually successful in turning off the tv or Xbox, or can honestly close the book after that last chapter and make myself sit down and start, it’s never as daunting as I think. What do you do when you need that polite shove in the back? I’ve tried the organising thing. I’ve started so many diaries and calendars it’s actually a little embarrassing. The only one that lasts is that scrap of paper that I stick on the fridge where my coffee milk is.  Even then, if it’s more than a week in advance, I’ll probably forget it.

I think what I need to do is schedule a repeating post on twitter

“I feel like I’ve forgotten to do something today. Send me a message if we made plans!”

Not sure how well that would go with work though….

Well, I feel I’ve procrastinated long enough with my ramble. Let me know if you have anything that works for you when it comes to motivation. I might have to borrow some ideas!