For those of you following my daily ‘diary’ page, I don’t know if this alerts you to the new pages or not. Does anyone know how to add tags to separate pages or is that something I can’t do here?

I’ve been asked before why I chose to write about zombies. The honest answer is therapy. How often can you kill that overbearing person that makes your life that little bit harder in your head? I get to do that over and over in new and inventive ways… without the fear of retribution. Before someone starts jumping up and down screaming ‘I knew it was about me!’ all the characters I use have about four different people influencing parts of their character. So no. It’s not just about you. Stop taking it personally. Having said that, I can completely understand GRR Martin’s fascination with taking out key players (Don’t worry, I’m not killing off everyone). It stretches the imagination and skill of a writer to take away the easy ‘hero’ and still be able to deliver a workable product that doesn’t leave fans looking for the nearest exit.

I guess it’s like a writing exercise. When you’re at the gym, you add weights… yeah, I don’t really go to the gym, this is just what Hollywood tells me. When you’re writing, you take away the main protagonist and have to build someone else up to take their place. Something for all you budding authors to think about next time you’re scribbling.

I have something to say about writers block too, but I’ll save that for next time in case I can’t think of what to write. *chuckles to self*