I cop a lot of flack at home because of my apocalyptic writing. Dad in particular takes great pleasure in questioning my own ‘prepper’ tendencies as over dramatic.
I realised something though,  as he raced around the house getting ready  (he takes longer than mum and I combined). My boyscout dad is a prepper in denial. He doesn’t just stop at a bug out bag either! He has a small black bag that he stocks with things he might possibly need. Extra electronic pen that records notes to the cloud in case his main one dies? Check!
Not a prepper. Right. And Doctor Who only catches my attention now and then.
I questioned him on his bag this morning, before we got into his bluetooth enabled office on wheels -thats right, Mr. Not-a-prepper has a bug out vehicle too-. His response?
“This is not a bug out bag, its an everyday take to work bag.”
So.. an EDC?
Before my fellow preppers start jumping up and down pointing out that the lack of survival blanket, freeze dried food, and magnesium mean it’s not a real survival bag; I’ll point out that dads idea of primal living is having to rely on Macdonalds WiFi. The point here? Before you make fun of any prepper, turn out your handbags and backpacks. I’ll bet you’re a prepper too!