I know I’m new to the blog scene, but if I’m going to do this crowding thing, I would be remiss to put a plea out to my fellow authors and artisans here.
As many of you no doubt know, I can proudly say I am a published author and a nurse. What I can’t say is I’m married to a movie producer millionaire and therefore have a licence to print money. This self-inflicted penury means my magnificent independent publisher and I are responsible for marketing, funding, promoting, pretty much everything that makes books sell.
Having sold my book as a self published project, I know that conventions are the best way to reach your chosen market. I also know that to consider yourself successful, you need to reach international conventions. This is why I need your help.
I am planning to take my zombie book to the WalkerStalker convention next year. Between buying product, organising travel and accommodation, the funds are likely going to exceed my budget. As an incentice, I am prepared to give a 15% discount to customers who can tell me where they heard about my request. Any little bit will help!


Hope to see you there!