Today was my second day working on the ward, and last day with the training wheels on. I feel so excited! I can see what I can potentially be, the areas I need to concentrate on. Moving from aged care, the challenges are completely different. Even things I thought I might find less foreign are different. Behaviour issues that I thought would be similar, aren’t. The way we deal with them, is not the way they are addressed in aged care. Time management, something that was my strong point, now needs to be moulded to fit new priorities and patient needs. Everything is so similar, and so very different. I love it!
I can honestly say, even after two days, the support and encouragement I’ve already received from my co-workers in navy scrubs *eeek* has been amazing. I can promise that I’m going to do everything I can to supercede their (and my) expectations. I think in this case *cliche alert* a change really is as good as a holiday!