I am planning on doing a post to follow up on my new experiences so far in my new job. I have a LOT to say there! It’s already been so amazing. That’s not why I’m here now though.

It’s no secret that I’m single. I certainly harp on enough that every time someone mentions relationships I’m sure there’s at least one person that rolls their eyes internally. I’m watching First Dates Australia and seeing so much of my own thoughts being aired. I had a moment where I was thinking ‘perhaps I should try this?’.

I am at the point where I would like to find that player two for me. I have board games going unplayed.  One or two.. ok one – video game not completely finished because there’s no one I can pass the controller to get me passed the #@**^* Riddler racing bits. I know that I can be a little choosy, but if you’re looking for a lasting relationship, surely you have to be?

My problem with just jumping online and pressing submit on my half completed admission form is that my mum will be first in line to point out how impulsive I can be. I thought… I have some people that read this right? I don’t think I’m just talking to myself anyway. I thought what better way to get input than to spill all my thought on the web again? So here it is. Should I go for it or not? What are your thoughts on this kind of show? Is there a chance of finding a true connection on a reality dating show?