Clair’s ok! That was her knocking on the door yesterday.

‘Ok’ might be a strong term actually. She looks like someone ran over her with a lawn mower, them backed up and went for another go. She was still wearing her uniform, not that it looks like a proper uniform now. It’s ripped and stained enough to make any school leaver proud. She didn’t seem all that shocked at the state of the house. She actually told mum where their backup supplies. I’ve never seen her like this. She won’t go near the windows, at all. She won’t even come out of her mum and dads room. I peeked in there before, she was on the bed, holding a purple bathrobe and crying. I think something happened to them.

Amy’s mum won’t let anyone near the windows now. As soon as it gets dark, she makes sure there is no light in the house. Everyone else is on board with this, and I guess I see the logic, but this is the only time I have to jump online now. I know Justin is ok because he’s been checking in on facebook every day. He and his Dad headed towards Mildura. I know he has family up there. He checked in last night and said he made it up there safely. It looks like whatever this is, is only around here at the moment. I’m going to point this out to mum tomorrow. Maybe she’ll take us up there.

Justin’s not the only one who’s been online. There are news stories from all over popping up. Even the overseas papers are reporting on it. They seem to think it’s a water-borne parasite that started this. Some conspiracy nuts have jumped to the zombie theory, but every time I see those stories, they’re taken down within half an hour. I think they’re trying to make sure people don’t panic. The CSIRO put out an alert that they have a treatment in trial already and they should be starting to administer to the public within the week.

I don’t want to hang around that long. Three people have tried to get into the house already. Less than politely. They just fling themselves at the walls and windows like a bird that sees the reflection of the sky. Amy’s mum started putting knives around the doors, they’re taped to the paint. I don’t even mind the over the top preparation now. Not after the attack I saw this morning. That makes three on the lawn already. We can’t even go out and clean it up, the neighbors dogs are taking what’s left away piece by piece. I can imagine when this is all over, we’ll still be finding body parts buried in back yards years from now.