I didn’t have the chance to update this yesterday. I barely have the time today. Clair’s mum came home. Well, not her mum.

I’m not explaining this well.

I was just about to update this from the upstairs bedroom (the only place I’m allowed to have the screen open because of the light) when I heard Clair scream from the front room. I mentioned before that if anyone can take care of herself, it’s her? This was so not her.

I nearly broke my neck trying to get to her. The stairs are not my friend at the best of times.

By the time I reached the living room, it was complete turmoil! The shelves that had been holding the front door securely closed had been pushed to its font, not just aside you understand, onto it’s front. My little petite Clair had upended a chest of drawers quickly enough that mine and Amy’s mums had not been able to stop her from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM. She had flung open the front door and ran outside to her mum.. I think it was her mum.. Her features were not how I remembered them, not that I could see much under the blood that covered her face. If Clair’s uniform looked like it had been run over by a lawnmower, her mum looked like she had been wearing them at the time. I honestly have no idea how she recognised her. Maybe it’s one of those inherent traits in families?

Mum managed to grab her and pull her inside, but with the door wide open, and plenty more of those neuro patients (Amy’s mum’s word. Not mine) behind them, we had to back up to the kitchen. Clair was kicking and screaming the whole time. I don’t know why Mum had to knock her out, she only wanted her own mum.

I don’t really know how to describe what happened next, it’s still a bit of a blur in my head. I know that Clair’s mum grabbed Amy and started pulling her out of the kitchen, I think her mum must have grabbed a knife, because all I remember is a hand on the floor. I remember feeling sick and being pushed out of the kitchen into the garage that adjoined it. I remember Clair screaming as she came to against my shoulder, I remember thinking this was the first time I’d ever been allowed in their new car and how the new car smell wouldn’t last long with all the smells we carried in with us.

I remember thinking Clair was going to hate me.

I think I was right on that one.

She hasn’t spoken to anyone since she stopped screaming. She just sits like a corpse in her seat. The whole day, she hasn’t eaten, she hasn’t had a drink.

Amy’s mum says she’s in shock; I say she just saw the people who took her, leave her mum behind.

I haven’t heard from Justin since yesterday. I’m trying to keep battery use to a minimum while we’re in the car. I managed to grab Clair’s smart phone from the kitchen, I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to recharge it again. I told mum about Justin, she said she’d try head in that direction. Justin, I’ll let you know when we’re close. Stay safe!