30 July. I’m not really the spill you guts kind of person. Especially not to a computer, but you know how sometimes you just have those days where you need to tell someone what’s happening? I’m having one of those days. It started at School this morning. I didn’t really notice because Clair was having her regular rant about the TV. Last night. Honestly, if she hates cooking shows so much, why doesn’t she just stop watching them? We were waiting for Justin. He’s not usually late, but today he was. When his mum finally drove through the front gate, she looked sick. Really sick. She is usually one of those mums that put on makeup to check the mailbox, but she looked sweaty and pale, and I’m pretty sure there was blood on her blouse. I asked Justin, he kind of brushed it aside. He said his dad brought something home from work with him. There had been something going around. I know because Amy’s dad had stopped bringing her to school, she had been coming with me because I had the misfortune of living down the road. That’s probably too harsh. She’s not that bad, just weird. She carries around three books just in case she finishes too quickly. Who does that? I haven’t seen her dad around lately, It’s like he can’t even leave the house. Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to write here. When we got into class, Ms Brayshaw was standing with a doctor. At least I think he was a doctor. He had the coat on. Apparently there was a general health check that mum was supposed to have okayed? If there was, she didn’t say anything to me –not that that would be the first time-. We had to line up and get our ears probed, though I’m pretty sure that with the way he was looking at Liz, he would have rather had another way to take our temperatures if you know what I mean. Ms. Brayshaw was reading the roll to make sure that we all had a go, I didn’t realise till then, but about half of the class was away. I think I just figured they were late or something, but she didn’t look all that surprised to see them absent. When it was my turn, she was whispering to the doctor, I don’t think she meant for me to hear, but she was talking about how most of the classes were only half full, that they were thinking of sending the rest of us home because of it. I like a day off as much as the next person, so I’m not really complaining about that! It’s weird though right? It’s like there’s something going on. How did we not hear about this until now? I have to go. Justin’s coming over soon, he’s better at English than I am. Just because we have a day off, apparently that doesn’t mean we have no homework. #ridiculous.