Trish died yesterday. I think it was my fault.

The family next to us agreed that it would be safer to travel in a group. He really was much more prepared than we were. I drove with them because they had more room, and Clair still wasn’t talking to me. We had been driving for a few hours when we had to pull over for petrol. I still can’t believe they put the prices up so high, it’s pure extortion.

Amy’s mum went in to pay while we stayed with the cars. Andrew was really suspicious, watching the drivers around us carefully, I don’t think he trusts anyone. It makes me wonder what mum had to tell him to talk him into letting us travel with him.

Mum had gone to use the bathroom, I saw her slip around the corner and went to follow her, but it wasn’t her.

Someone grabbed my shirt and threw me against the wall. He stunk, not a normal stink, it was almost.. sweet? A sickly sweet. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. His open mouth was to my face and it seemed to be coming from inside him. I know I screamed because Amy’s mum came running around the corner. She pulled him off me and yelled at me to run back to the car.

I didn’t.

I couldn’t.

I was frozen against the wall. I couldn’t do anything as he grabbed her arm and gnawed it like a dog on a bone. Her scream brought everyone else running. Andrew kicked it off her and stomped on his head. It exploded like a watermelon. He looked at mum, said sorry, and took his family back to his car. They drove off and left us behind.

The fear of this sickness must makeĀ people do drastic things. Before mum could get to her, the rest of the customers, about fifty people, piled on her. Mum pulled me away, but not before I saw her. She wasn’t moving.

I’ve never been allowed to say her first name, but I don’t want to write this and leave her unremembered. Trish saved my life, and I cost her hers.

I’m in the front seat next to mum at the moment. Amy and Clair have huddled together in the back seat. I can’t begrudge them the comfort, but it hurts to see my best friend unable to come to me. Mum hasn’t said anything since she started driving. I think she just wants to get to the army base as quick as she can.

I haven’t heard anything from Justin. I’ve seen posts from Mildura though. There are photos of people looting shops, even more of people holding heads up of dead people like proud hunters. This world scares me now. If everyone is acting like this does it mean this madness is contagious?

Please drive faster mum.