The dog.

She hates me because I left Cosette.


I can’t even talk to her right now. The world is ending. I don’t know where my Dad is, we left Clair’s mum to… whatever those things were back there and Amy refuses to climb down off her high horse.

By all means though, focus on the stupid dog.

We’re currently in Ouyen. Apparently Mildura is the flavour of the month. We tried to get in, but the roads are completely jammed. My idea was clearly not as singular as I had thought. Mum pulled up into the caravan park, can you believe they still wanted to charge us? Mum must have managed to work something out because we’re here and I have power and WiFi again. Thank God for the internet!

Amy was sent to see what she could find in the town. If she brings up dumpster diving to save money one more time, I’m going to lock her in one! She thinks she knows everything about survival just because she watched T.V? She’s never been in a situation like this. She’s no more an expert than I am!

Excuse me, Facebook just pinged.

That was Justin! Also, about 50thouand stories about the outbreak we just left behind us! He’s safe for now, but it sounds like The Virus has made its way up here too. That’s what the news is calling it. The Virus. Capital letters and all. I’m not sure where we can go now. I showed mum the news, it’s everywhere in Australia. So far, it hasn’t gone the northern border, but there are a few reports in New Zeland, so who knows how long until this is a global epidemic?

The recommendation is to find your way to a military base for safety. It would have been nice to get that little tidbit of information before we left a suburb three blocks away from one! The closest one now is in Adelaide. The two mum’s are in the kitchenette now trying to map out a route that takes us through the middle of nowhere. Clair is curled up on the bed by the window. We managed to get some clothes for her from anther family that found their way to Ouyen. I think Mum is planning on talking them into coming with us. Safety in numbers and all that. I don’t really mind. The man, Andrew, seems to know his stuff. Unlike us, he had a whole trunk full of supplies. I’d feel a lot safer if we were with them. They have a dog too, a collie. Maybe it will pull Clair out of this slump?

Fingers crossed. I’ll let you know how far we get tomorrow. We leave first thing in the morning.