I haven’t slept.

Mum looked like a victim of a lawn mower. We didn’t even make it out of the block before we were taken out by a ute. They didn’t even slow down, just kept going. I thought mum wasn’t going to make it. she looked so pale, her head was bleeding. Amy and her mum found us, her mum is a nurse at the ED and helped me get her out of the car.

Amy didn’t look much better mind you! She looked like someone had thrown her into a wall. Her face is all bruised. She didn’t want to talk about it. She hasn’t really said anything yet. I heard her mum tell mine that Ben -that’s Amy’s dad- was suffering encephalitis. Apparently a swollen brain, It made him go mental. He threw her down the stairs before her mum had a chance to grab her and run to the car. I wonder if that’s what’s happening everywhere else, is brain swelling contagious? We’ve seen people running around all morning now from Clair’s window. That’s where we are now. Clair lives two blocks from our house. I suggested we come here because we were closer than our house. (ok and I really needed to know she was alright.) No one was home. The front door was wide open, I still don’t know where she is. I hope she’s ok.

Normally I wouldn’t worry about her, if anyone can take care of themselves, it’s her, but I’ve just seen the fifth person attacked in front of the house. Mum and Amy’s mum have gone completely nuts, stacking up tables over windows, they even broke the china cabinet! I tried to stop them. Clair, I’m sorry for the mess! Mum had me and Amy running around doing stupid things like filling the bath, and the sinks, fetching nails and tools from the shed out the back. I brought Cosette, Clair’s poodle inside with me, I doubt she’ll factor highly in their plans, whatever they are.

I have to go. Someone just knocked on the door, Maybe it’s Clair??